Ferrite Material Drying Case

Ferrite is a metal oxide with ferromagnetic properties.In terms of electrical properties, ferrites have much greater resistivity than simple metal or alloy magnetic materials, and have higher dielectric properties.Ferrites also exhibit high permeability at high frequencies.Thus ferrite has become a widely used non – metallic magnetic material in the field of high frequency weak electricity.

Ferrite Material Drying Case

Ferrite material

Ding is always a private enterprise in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, specializing in the research, development, production, customization and sales of medium-high frequency high-power ferrite.

They mainly engaged in the production of high power manganese zinc ferrite core in medium and high frequency, the specifications mainly include EE type, UF type, UI type, ring type, UY type, PM type, PQ type, tank type, magnetic stripe and various special large-specification products and new product customization.

Products are widely used in high frequency induction heating, ozone generator, high frequency electrostatic dust removal, reactor, electric vehicle charging pile, high frequency automatic soldering machine, electroplating power supply, water drilling rig, etc., the company’s annual output value is 40-50 million yuan.

Ferrite Material Drying Case

Electric vehicle charging pile

Manager ding’s workshop has just put on a small production line of circular ferrite. Because there is skin water in the production process, but the final water content of the product should be more than 1%.Manager ding saw our microwave drying equipment on the Internet and immediately contacted us. After preliminary communication, manager ding sent materials to me for experimental testing.

Ferrite Material Drying Case

our microwave drying equipment

After testing, the initial water content of the ding total material is 13%, which is equivalent to removing 13% of the water.We conducted the test with the tunnel machine of 15KW. Due to few materials, we only used half of the power. After the test, the skin water was dried from feeding to discharging in 5 minutes, and the final water content was below 0.3%.Manager ding also put forward several specific technical requirements for our equipment:

1.The output power must be adjustable

2.Each microwave tube can be 1kw.It can install 10-18,too much is expensive and consumes electricity.

3.Temperature range 0-1000 degrees,it is adjustable.

4.No transmission, just install on the circulation line, see production line in video.

5.Paying attention to the height of our incoming products

Ferrite Material Drying Case

microwave drying equipment

According to general requirements of ding, we provide a drying scheme of 18KW microwave equipment. The key point of the design is that there is no need to design a separate transmission system, and we need to directly put the box on the existing production line;In addition, the opening height is controlled at 100mm, which is enough for materials to enter. If the opening is too high, the microwave suppressor needs to be lengthened, and the total length of the production line is not enough.

In the end, manager ding was satisfied with the final plan. He hoped that we could go to the site for measurement as soon as possible and complete the order production within 15 days.Pushing forward the contract signing and follow-up matters. This time, general ding’s products push our microwave products into a new field. In this field, the advantages of high drying efficiency and fast speed are reflected.We believe that microwave products will have more application prospects in this field in the future.