Microwave Whole Grains Roasting Machine

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF Microwave whole grain baking machine produced by Leader provides a new process of grain baking.We have designed a set of technologies to help improve the efficiency and quality of baking, so as to make more profits from it.Most of our customers choose whole-grain microwave roasting machine for high quality ripened grains.   Characteristics of Leader whole grains microwave baking machine: 1.Energy conservation and environment protection.Leader emphasizes the research on environmental protection technology. Therefore, our machines have no pollution to the environment and their emissions meet the Eu emission standards for environmental protection.In addition, our goal is to produce reasonably … Read more

Millet Microwave Baking and Curing Equipment

Introduce Advantage Model Parameter PDF Download PDF When we need to bake millet, we should buy high-quality millet baking equipment.As a new type of environmental equipment, the Microwave ripening equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company is more and more popular in the international market. Completely continuous millet baking and curing equipment can bake a lot of millet every day, with very high work efficiency.The equipment can also be used for baking rice, green beans, red beans and other grains. To a large extent, continuous millet microwave baking and curing equipment can save us a lot of operating costs.This is … Read more

Low Temperature Baking Equipment for Whole Grains

Introduce Parameter Advantage Model PDF Download PDF Low temperature baking equipment used for low temperature baking of coarse grains.In daily life, the main reason for baking is drying, reducing moisture, high temperature baking may cause the material ripe and burnt.Therefore, low temperature baking is more popular when choosing baking methods.Leader Machinery provides you with dozens of machines, choose the right one, now! What are whole grains? Whole grain is to point to: paddy, wheat, soybean, corn, potato kind,meanwhile, also call the foodstuff besides rice and flour as coarse grain habitually.And the whole grain also refers to the grain crop generally, … Read more