Microwave Drying Equipment for Lithium Ion Battery Materials

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF As a highly efficient and clean new energy source that can be recycled, secondary battery can comprehensively alleviate energy, resource and environmental problems.Due to its high energy, high power and long life, it has good development in energy storage, electric vehicles and environmental protection.Among the secondary batteries, lithium ion batteries have the fastest development and the largest output. In the process of industrial production of lithium ion battery, the drying process of ternary material is the main link of magnetic foreign body introduction.Selecting a good drying technique is very important to reduce the amount … Read more

Microwave Vacuum Dehydrator

Introduce Model Parameter Advantage PDF Download PDF As the name implies, microwave vacuum dehydrator is a kind of machine for dehydrating materials, which is not only a machine that can bring profit to investors,but also an indispensable link in the food production process. Significance of microwave vacuum dehydrator: Microwave vacuum dehydration equipment can be used for dehydration of different materials, such as vegetables, fruits, etc. In the fast-paced life, people welcome dehydrated food. As one of the professional microwave equipment manufacturers, our Leader can provide you with different models with different power. Of course, we can customize microwave vacuum dehydration … Read more