Introduction of Microwave Baking Equipment

Different heat treatment methods affect the nutritional value and edible quality of food to different degrees.On the one hand, too high temperature or too long heating time will easily cause the destruction of nutrients and even the production of harmful substances; on the other hand, insufficient heating will lead to the decline of food safety due to the residue of microorganisms.

This paper introduces the principle of microwave baking equipment and its advantages in food processing, and emphatically analyzes its influence on the nutritional quality, edible quality and safety of food in the process of food baking.

Microwave Baking Equipment

Advantages of Microwave Equipment produced by the Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

1.Effects of microwave baking machine on nutritional components of food

The effects of baking treatment on moisture, protein, fat, vitamin and other nutrients were significant, and the results showed different trends with the changes of baking technology and baking conditions.

After being heated by microwave baking machines, pork not only loses less nutrients than cooking, but also has the advantages of energy saving.In addition, some studies have shown that baking at 73 ℃ for a long time at low temperature is more effective in maintaining vitamin B3 and B12 levels in beef compared with traditional heating methods.

2.The effect of microwave baking machinery on the quality of food products

During baking, heating will affect the food quality to some extent.In terms of color, the food processed by microwave baking equipment lacks characteristic color, but its color effect is slightly better than that of cooking, and the brightness and yellowness of pork after microwave treatment are higher.

The influence of unsaturated alcohol on flavor was also significant. The esterification of unsaturated alcohol with carboxylic acid could produce fruit flavor.In addition, the presence of sulfur, nitrogen and heterocyclic compounds also enriches the overall flavor of food.

3.Effect of microwave baking equipment on food safety

Besides the changes of nutrition and food quality after baking, the generation of harmful substances such as microbial residues, oxidation of substances, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines also deserves attention.

Baking can kill bacteria by destroying cell structure and nutrient metabolism.The results show that industrial microwave baking equipment can not only improve the moisture content and tenderness of beef, but also kill 99% microorganisms.The pork was treated with different microwave frequency and heating time.It shows that the normal microwave conditions are still safe.And the far infrared roast beef, when the temperature reaches 200 degrees Celsius, a small amount of carcinogenic substances produced.

Microwave Baking Equipment

The heating principle of microwave baking equipment:

Microwave heating technology uses the principle of dielectric loss to transfer heat more directly to the inside of the material to achieve simultaneous internal and external heating. Therefore, compared with other heating technologies, it is easier to achieve uniform heating.

Microwave generally refers to ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave in the range of 300MHz ~ 300ghz.Its alternating periodic electromagnetic field gives certain orientation to the polar molecules arranged in disorder in the material.This ionic polarization and dipole conduction effect promote the material to convert electromagnetic energy into heat energy, and the temperature of the medium increases continuously.

Microwave has the characteristics of reflection, transmission and other electromagnetic waves, and its loss on the metal cavity is very small, so in baking, cooking and microwave heating, microwave food baking equipment heat transfer efficiency is the highest.Microwave baking materials of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz are commonly used in industry, which have a faster heating rate and considerable heat production.

Microwave Baking Equipment

Different heat treatment methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. With the proposal and research of new heating technology, the general trend is more and more to improve the heat transfer efficiency and better maintain the nutritional quality and safety of food.Microwave baking equipment,textile microwave drying equipment and other microwave machinery development has been constantly improving, the road is tortuous, but also forward.