Microwave Boric Acid Drying Equipment

Boric acid can improve the heat resistance of glass products,high transparent performance, improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time, so it is widely used in optical glass, heat resistant glass, acid resistant glass, insulation materials and other glass fiber industry, also used in enamel, ceramics, medicine, metallurgy, leather, dye, pesticides, fertilizers, textiles and other industries.

Microwave Boric Acid Drying Equipment

Microwave boric acid drying Equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has many advantages:

1.Microwave boric acid dryer fully tested the flow of boric acid and reduce dust, high drying efficiency, effectively reduce the loss of boric acid, the whole system under micro negative pressure operation, and closed, no dust flying, the working environment is clean, worker safety is guaranteed, also make the system more environmentally friendly.

2.The tunnel-type microwave boric acid drying furnace is well-proportioned in fluidization, with no drying dead angle guaranteed by microwave penetration.It can obtain uniform drying and cooling products, product quality is guaranteed.

3.Microwave boric acid drying machinery to ensure that the residence time of boric acid can be adjusted in a wide range, the thickness of the material layer, boric acid drying time can be easily adjusted, to ensure that the products meet different drying standards, drying quality in line with quality product standards.

4.The transmission of microwave boric acid drying production line is stable and has little damage to boric acid surface. It can be used for brittle boric acid drying and does not affect the drying effect when boric acid particles are irregular.

5.Microwave boric acid drying equipment made of stainless steel material, and for pickling passivation treatment, and carried out structural improvement, compact structure, smooth transition, disassembly and assembly are very simple, convenient cleaning and maintenance, long service life, low noise, uniform cloth.

6.Microwave boric acid drying equipment has leakproof device, high safety.In addition, the air in the furnace cavity and the stainless steel material of the body itself will not absorb microwave, avoiding the excess heat consumption, heat loss is small, and energy efficiency is greatly improved.

7.The core purchased parts of the equipment are all well-known brands to ensure stable operation of the system.

8.Characteristics of simultaneous heating and drying inside and outside microwave,shorten the drying time,lower the drying temperature,and avoid boric acid decomposition caused by high temperature to ensure excellent quality.

9.The belt drive is adopted in the bearing seat, which can effectively ensure that the transmission motor is not burnt out, and the bearing is water-cooled and jacketed to ensure that the equipment can work continuously, improve the production efficiency and meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production.

10.Lower side with access door,in case of emergency shutdown, the warehouse boric acid can be cleaned.At the same time, the screw adopts rear bearing structure, which can prevent accumulation and stuck material, and the equipment runs stably and reliably.

At the same time, the screw adopts rear bearing structure, which can prevent accumulation and stuck material, and the equipment runs stably and reliably.

Microwave Boric Acid Drying Equipment

Microwave boric acid drying equipment has many USES:

Boric acid microwave drying equipment is composed of cloth system, main machine, discharging system, PLC control system, etc., with high automation, safety and efficiency, and good quality of boric acid finished products.

In addition to the boric acid, microwave equipment can also process borax boric acid dry, glass fiber,such as inorganic salt,oxalic acid,succinic acid,hydroquinone and other organic matter,potassium dihydrogen phosphate,calcium hydrogen phosphate,monoammonium phosphate,ammonium sulfate,magnesium sulfate seven water such as fertilizers, imidacloprid granules,such as pesticide glyphosate granules,food and beverage industry, honey,erythritol,sugar alcohol,seafood extract,etc.It can use widely.

Microwave technology is widely used in industrial production,equally versatile.The equipment for drying and sterilizing Chinese medicine pills can well retain the active ingredients in medicines and improve the quality and production efficiency of Chinese medicine pills.

Microwave boric acid drying equipment is safe and efficient, easy to control, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, the loss of boric acid in the drying process is low, dry evenly, boric acid quality is excellent, it is worth the investment and use of boric acid processing manufacturers.