Microwave Drying Equipment for Fruit Powder

Many people like to drink fruit powder, it has a lot of kinds, the taste is also different, sour and sweet, very popular with consumers. Moreover, it has the effects of promoting digestion, preventing and controlling diseases, increasing immunity, anti-aging, and so on. It preserves the effective ingredients in the fruit in good condition, and better promotes the metabolism of the human body. It not only makes people drink quickly and freely but also complements the human body’s many nutrients.

Blueberry powder

Fruit powder is made of fresh fruit raw materials, processed by more than ten processes, such as pretreatment, quick freezing, drying, ultraviolet sterilization, packaging, and storage, through freeze-drying technology and equipment with an advanced international level. In these processes, drying is a relatively important link in which the use of drying equipment. Leader microwave equipment company powder microwave drying equipment can be very good to complete the drying of fruit powder.

The advantages of the fruit powder microwave drying equipment are as follows:

  1. Microwave equipment has high thermal efficiency and no additional heat loss.
  2. The microwave dryer of fruit powder is easy to control, flexible, and convenient.
  3. Automatic control, continuous production, enhance economic benefits.
  4. Fruit powder can best retain the original color, aroma, taste, and nutrition.
  5. Safe, clean, hygienic, protect the environment. The microwave drying equipment conforms to the GMP standard. The high-quality raw materials are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure that the microwave leakage conforms to the national standard and is safe and environmentally friendly.
  6. Traditional heating uses the heat transfer coefficient of the material to transfer heat from the outside to the inside. However, the fruit powder microwave dryer can heat the interior and exterior of the material at the same time. Therefore, microwave drying is fast and uniform, which can save energy and treatment time.
  7.  Microwave can penetrate materials of a certain thickness, and the efficiency of microwave drying and dehydration is several times higher than that of traditional technology. Simultaneously, the fruit powder microwave dryer will not destroy the nutritional composition, color, and taste of the original material.
  8.  The microwave also has a bactericidal and anti-mildew effect. Using a non-thermal effect, the microwave drying device of fruit powder can sterilize the material quickly at relatively low temperatures. The shelf life of fruit powder can be greatly prolonged, which reduces the dependence on preservatives.

Working principle of microwave drying equipment for fruit powder:

Microwave drying relies on microwave heating, and microwaves work on a different principle than traditional drying methods. Microwave heating is based on the principle of dielectric loss, the microwave energy into corn heating the heat needed. The heat absorbed by the corn is proportional to its dielectric loss coefficient. Since the dielectric loss coefficient of water is much larger than that of other substances, the water molecules first absorb microwave energy. The water molecules move from the inside of the corn to the surface and continue to absorb microwave energy. The water becomes steam and is discharged away so that the purpose of drying can be completed quickly.