Microwave Drying Equipment for Fungus

A lot of people like to eat agaric very much, add agaric in all sorts of stir-fry dish mouthfeel can become different. Of course, eating agaric also has many benefits for us, Such as invigorating qi and nourishing blood, moistening lung to arrest cough, blood pressure and anti-cancer and so on. So daily diet to eat more fungus, is a lot of benefits. The agaric that we eat normally most is dry agaric, how is dry agaric produced then? This is the fungus microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company.


Advantages of fungus microwave drying equipment:

1.Small production intensity, small footprint

Although agaric microwave drying machine is a machine, but it occupies very little space, not only can help manufacturers save the cost of the site, but also can help manufacturers to produce a large number of dry agaric.

2.Save labor, save process, especially easy the before and after the process into automatic line, reduce the number of handling

The key to mechanized operation is to help people save a lot of time and labor. The operation of the agaric microwave drying machine can save time and labor, and is very convenient for the follow-up processing of dried fungus, making the drying of fungus into a complete assembly line and improving production efficiency.

3.Environmental protection clean health, no pollution, more will not produce three waste problems.

The most worthy of mentioning is the drying of fungus in the drying process, microwave drying machine will only use electricity, will not cause environmental pollution, and also will not produce waste gas and wastewater, pollution of the environment.

4.Highproduction efficiency

Microwave drying machine in the drying process, the use of microwave drying method, can greatly improve the production efficiency, thereby reducing the production cost.

5.The mouthfeel of agaric

The most important thing about food is its taste. The dried fungus produced by microwave drying equipment has the same taste, and there will be no inconsistency in drying or difference in taste.

Microwave drying equipment for fungus

Technical parameters of microwave drying equipment for fungus:

Input powerThree-phase five-wire  380V±10%   50Hz±1% (The zero line should be as large as the phase line)
Nominal input power15KVA
Microwave output power12KW
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50MHz
Transmission speed0.5-5M/min
Environmental temperature0-40℃
Number of microwave heating boxes3
Transformer cooling modeAir cooling
Control modeKnob control
Temperature range, accuracy0-350℃

Dried black fungus

The difference between microwave drying equipment of agaric and traditional drying method

Traditional drying methods are mostly natural drying or heating drying, so compared with the fungus microwave drying equipment, what is the difference?


The microwave drying equipment of agaric fungus uses the method of microwave drying. It only takes a few minutes to complete the drying process of agaric fungus. However, it takes several days to dry naturally, and several hours to heat and dry, which is relatively long and not as short as the microwave drying equipment of fungus.

2.Cost of equipment

Traditional drying methods require energy, labor, site and other costs, and the costs are always there, however, the fungus microwave drying equipment only needs the cost of equipment and site, and the subsequent operation can be completed only by using electric energy, which greatly reduces the production cost.

With the increasing demand of agaric, the demand of agaric microwave drying equipment is also increasing. In addition, a series of microwave equipment, such as red date microwave drying equipment, frozen shrimp microwave defrost equipment, and tea microwave drying equipment, are all high-quality equipment. With fungus microwave drying equipment, we can reduce production costs, bring higher economic benefits, with a bright future!