Microwave Drying Equipment for Leather

The leather is very common in our daily life, no matter whether the shoes or the furniture can’t be the figure of the leather, the shoes made of leather are very strong and durable. So the use amount of leather is enormous, and the manufacturers are specialized in the leather business. There is a critical program in the leather’s processing, that is, the drying process, so how to dry the leather? The leather microwave drying equipment produced by the leader microwave equipment is the right choice.


Advantages of microwave drying equipment for leather:

1. Long service life

The microwave source of multi-source and multi-port balanced microwave feed mode is used in a leather microwave drying machine, which can achieve plane microwave heating and special industrial microwave air-cooled magnetron. Industrial microwave air-cooled magnetron is specially made of cermet sealed tube port, which has high-temperature resistance, strong load resistance, and reliability. It can ensure the life of magnetron for more than 10000 hours.

2. The working state can be detected

When the leather microwave dryer is used, the working condition of the magnetron can be observed at any time, so that the stability of the power used by the microwave drying equipment and the quality of processed products can be guaranteed.

3. On-line detection of microwave leakage

On-line detection of microwave leakage greatly improves the safe use of microwave drying equipment and plays a protective role in employees’ health. It can be safely used.

4. Modular assembly mode

The microwave drying machine adopts a modularized assembly mode so that the production of the equipment realizes the standardized production.  The quality of the product is improved, and after-sales maintenance and use are facilitated.

5. Dry quickly and thoroughly

Microwave drying equipment is by the inside and outside of the leather heating, so that drying is not only rapid and thorough, a few minutes to complete the drying of leather.

The difference between traditional leather drying method and leather microwave drying equipment:

In the drying mode of the traditional leather, the heat energy is carried out by conduction, convection, and radiation. The air convection is difficult to carry out in the vacuum state. The heat energy is transferred to the leather by conduction and then drawn from the surface of the material to the interior of the leather, where the surface of the dry paste material is first dried and hardened. The shell of the “solid” is formed, and the internal water discharge is more difficult. Therefore, the drying speed is slow, the efficiency is low, the period is long, the heat inertia is large, the temperature is not easy to control, and the leather’s drying quality is directly affected.

The leather dried by microwave drying equipment of leather, the quality is very good to use very conveniently, for the next step of processing also saves a lot of unnecessary processes, the goods made are also popular with consumers. The application of microwave technology has promoted the progress of our life, such as microwave thawing equipment for frozen seafood, microwave drying equipment for tea mushroom, microwave sterilization equipment for vegetables, and so on become indispensable equipment in our daily life.

Under the leadership of microwave technology, our life will be better and better!