Microwave Drying Equipment for Lithium Ion Battery Materials

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As a highly efficient and clean new energy source that can be recycled, the secondary battery can comprehensively alleviate energy, resource, and environmental problems. Its high energy, high power, and long life have a good development in energy storage, electric vehicles, and environmental protection. Among the secondary batteries, lithium-ion batteries have the fastest growth and the most extensive output.

In the process of industrial production of the lithium-ion battery, the drying process of ternary material is the main link of magnetic foreign body introduction. Selecting a good drying technique is very important to reduce the amount of magnetic foreign bodies introduced.

The microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery materials successfully solved the problems of high magnetic foreign matter introduction, uneven drying, poor dispersion, and easy agglomeration in ternary materials for lithium-ion batteries.

Microwave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materials

  Microwave drying has the following characteristics:

1. Because microwaves can be heated deep inside the material rather than by the heat transfer of the object itself, the heating time is very short. The microwave drying machine of lithium-ion battery material is 50% or shorter than the traditional drying method.

2. Lithium-ion battery material microwave drying equipment heating temperature uniform, consistent with table and table, dry products can achieve even water distribution.

3. Due to the selective heating of water by microwave, the microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery materials can be used for drying at a lower temperature without overheating and damaging the dry materials in the products.

4. Microwave heating can also produce some beneficial physical or chemical effects.

5. By adjusting the microwave output power, the heating condition of the material can be changed instantly. Microwave drying lithium-ion battery material equipment is convenient for continuous production and automatic control, improving labor productivity and working conditions.

6. Lithium-ion battery material microwave drying equipment itself does not consume heat, most of the heat energy is acting on the material, high thermal efficiency, energy-saving, generally can save 30% ~ 50%.

7. Microwave drying has little effect on the ambient temperature, and the microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery materials can be made smaller.

Microwave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materials

Composition of Microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

Continuous microwave drying equipment is mainly composed of a feeding system, microwave heating system, material conveying mechanism, and discharging system.

Wet materials are transported from the feeding system to the transmission belt and enter into the microwave cavity through the material conveying system. Under the microwave effect, the exhaust gas is quickly dried and discharged from the machine by natural air diversion.

Schematic diagram of continuous microwave dryingSchematic diagram of continuous microwave drying

Comparison between microwave drying and traditional drying

1. Magnetic foreign bodies introduce contrast

Compared with magnetic foreign bodies introduced in different drying methods, magnetic foreign bodies introduced in materials dried by microwaves were very low. A large number of magnetic foreign bodies were introduced in the flash drying method and disc drying method.

Using the microwave drying equipment of lithium-ion battery material, the material is dried directly on the conveyor belt of non-woven fabric material without contact with the iron material equipment, so there is basically no magnetic foreign body introduction.

Flash drying or disc drying due to the characteristics of the equipment itself, it is impossible to avoid the contact between materials and metal components, thus introducing magnetic foreign matter, which seriously affects the safety performance of battery materials.

2.Powder dispersion comparison

Although both drying methods are static, they avoid dynamic wear of parts and materials in the drying equipment and reduce the introduction of magnetic foreign bodies. However, microwave drying belongs to internal heating, which directly acts on water molecules. The material medium is heated inside and outside at the same time. The temperature difference is small, and the heating is uniform.

The oven uses external heating for drying. After drying, the material is prone to agglomeration, poor product dispersion, severe bridging between particles, and many pores. To ensure the performance of the product, we need to depolymerize.

3.Relative dry matter

There is no significant difference between the precursors of the same batch of lithium-ion batteries dried by microwave and oven. However, microwave drying has no effect on the physical structure of the products.

4.Drying efficiency contrast

The drying time of microwave drying is the shortest, and the drying efficiency is obviously better than flash drying, disc drying, and oven drying. The traditional drying method is external heating and drying. After absorbing heat on the surface of the material, the heat penetrates into the interior of the material through heat conduction, and then heats up and dries.

Microwave-dried wet materials are in the microwave high-frequency electric field with an extremely short oscillation period. Its internal water molecules will be polarized and arranged in sequence along the direction of the microwave electric field and rotate rapidly with the interactive changes in the direction of the high-frequency alternating electric field.

It produces violent collisions and friction. The result of partial microwave energy transforms into the molecular movement energy. It manifests in the form of the heat, causing the water temperature to rise to leave the material, thus causing the material to get dry.

The adoption of microwave drying equipment for filter cake precursors of lithium-ion batteries greatly improves drying efficiency, reduces energy consumption, and saves production cost.

5.The primary yield of product

After the microwave drying, materials do not form bonds and agglomeration.

However, materials in traditional static drying methods, such as disc drying and oven drying, are easy to form aggregates, requiring subsequent screening treatment, screening large particles, and depolymerizing large particles.

Moreover, the increase of the depolymerization process increases labor intensity and equipment investment, which is not conducive to continuous production and improved labor efficiency.

Microwave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materials

 Parameters of microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery materials

The daily capacity6T8T-10T15-20T
Picture presentationMicrowave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materialsMicrowave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materialsMicrowave drying equipment for lithium ion battery materials
Total power24KW/h30KW/h54KW/h
Transport speed(adjustable)0-5m /min
Floor space(L * W * H)30 * 10 *8m30 * 10 *8m40 * 10 *8m
Microwave frequency2450/915MHz
Leakage value≤3mw/m³
Working methodbunch,continuous
Cooling methodwater-cooling
Lifetime5-8 year


1. How to guarantee after-sale?

After the purchase of equipment, customers pay a certain amount of quality retention money, some parts can be guaranteed for 2 years.

2. How soon can you ship the equipment after you order it?

When customers order the microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery materials and microwave vacuum dehydrators, they need to provide specific information such as processing materials, output requirements, and plant conditions. We will build high quality and efficient equipment according to the actual requirements of customers, and complete and deliver the equipment as soon as possible. Specific matters can be timely negotiated and communicated.

The filter cake’s chemical composition, the precursor of lithium-ion battery after the microwave drying equipment for lithium-ion battery material, has not changed, and its dispersibility and product consistency are better than that of the oven drying, which is also static drying. Filter cake microwave drying machine for lithium-ion battery precursor has the best primary yield of mechanical products, which improves the safety performance of the battery, reduces the production cost, and improves labor efficiency.