Microwave Drying Equipment for Fungus

A lot of people like to eat agaric very much, add agaric in all sorts of stir-fry dish mouthfeel can become different. Of course, eating agaric also has many benefits for us, Such as invigorating qi and nourishing blood, moistening lung to arrest cough, blood pressure and anti-cancer and so on. So daily diet to eat more fungus, is a lot of benefits. The agaric that we eat normally most is dry agaric, how is dry agaric produced then? This is the fungus microwave drying equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment company. agaric Advantages of fungus microwave drying equipment: 1.Small production intensity, small … Read more

Powder Puff Microwave Drying Equipment

Everyone has a love of beauty. Powder puff is common among female friends, almost everyone has it, and makeup is definitely indispensable. The powder puff on the market is full of beautiful, with a complete range of styles, which is a must-have for many female friends. How is this little powder puff made? In its processing and manufacturing process, it needs to be dried. Although this powder puff is small, it contains a big implications! powder puff To dry the powder puff, we must use the drying equipment. After some customers’ feedback, the power puff microwave drying equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company is a very good … Read more

Microwave Boric Acid Drying Equipment

Boric acid can improve the heat resistance of glass products,high transparent performance, improve the mechanical strength, shorten the melting time, so it is widely used in optical glass, heat resistant glass, acid resistant glass, insulation materials and other glass fiber industry, also used in enamel, ceramics, medicine, metallurgy, leather, dye, pesticides, fertilizers, textiles and other industries. Microwave boric acid drying Equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company has many advantages: 1.Microwave boric acid dryer fully tested the flow of boric acid and reduce dust, high drying efficiency, effectively reduce the loss of boric acid, the whole system under micro negative pressure operation, … Read more

Microwave Drying Equipment for Fruits and Vegetables

Nowadays, in order to preserve fruits and vegetables for a long time, people often use dried fruits and vegetables to treat fresh fruits and vegetables.The biggest advantage of fruit and vegetable drying is that the content of water in fruits and vegetables decreases sharply after rapid drying. Microorganisms cannot survive because they cannot use the water inside fruits and vegetables, and they can effectively inhibit the enzyme activity in fruits and vegetables during drying, so as to ensure the long-term storage of fruits and vegetables. Microwave drying technology for fruits and vegetables: Microwave drying equipment for fruits and vegetables uses the … Read more

Spiced Peanut Microwave Baking Equipment

Peanut is one of the four major oil crops in the world.China is the world’s largest peanut producer,with its total output,single output and export ranking first. Low raw material quality, aflatoxin contamination and other potential safety hazards are the main problems in peanut processing industry,which have also restricted the development of peanut export in China,and environmentally friendly and healthy food is the trend of food development in the future. Microwave technology has the characteristics of fast heating,high efficiency,health and environmental protection. Microwave food processing technology has been listed as one of the key development technologies of food industry in China. As we … Read more

Introduction of Microwave Baking Equipment

Different heat treatment methods affect the nutritional value and edible quality of food to different degrees.On the one hand, too high temperature or too long heating time will easily cause the destruction of nutrients and even the production of harmful substances; on the other hand, insufficient heating will lead to the decline of food safety due to the residue of microorganisms. This paper introduces the principle of microwave baking equipment and its advantages in food processing, and emphatically analyzes its influence on the nutritional quality, edible quality and safety of food in the process of food baking. Advantages of Microwave … Read more