Microwave Whole Grains Roasting Machine

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Microwave whole grain baking machine produced by Leader provides a new process of grain baking. We have designed a set of technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of baking and make more profits from it. Most of our customers choose a whole-grain microwave roasting machine for high quality ripened grains.

Microwave whole grains roasting machine

  Characteristics of Leader whole grains microwave baking machine:

1. Energy conservation and environment protection. The leader emphasizes the research on environmental protection technology. Therefore, our machines have no pollution to the environment, and their emissions meet the Eu emission standards for environmental protection. Besides, our goal is to produce reasonably priced machines for people who really need them, and customers will never worry about the cost of this project. Our professional sales consultants can provide a reasonable business plan according to the client’s budget.

2. Wide application. Microwave whole grain baking equipment can also be used for corn chips, walnut, milk cake, corn chips, oatmeal, potato chips sterilizing and ripening, and melon seeds, peanuts, pine nuts, walnut, cashew nuts, chestnuts and other dried fruits, baking, and peeling.

3. Profitable. Customers can get more considerable profits from high-quality products. We can also provide a reasonable price of whole grain baking line to ensure maximum profit for investors.

4. Low cost. The conversion rate of electric energy to the microwave energy is higher, which can heat the whole grain, reduce the heat consumption, avoid the heating of air and the body by thermal radiation, and make the energy efficiency higher and save energy. High level of automation, save labor costs. The machine is durable and easy to clean, saving equipment maintenance costs. Equipment compact structure, small area, save space cost.

5. We use PLC automatic control system, greatly improve work efficiency, and ensure the quality of baking.

6. We have a high safety design,100% burn-proof, and explosion-proof technology and export valve anti-blocking technology.

Microwave whole grains roasting machine

The working principle of microwave baking machine for whole grains:

Microwave baking mainly uses the thermal effect of the microwave. The microwave itself does not generate heat, it is a kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave. The direction of the alternating electric field formed by microwave changes at high speed, which makes the polar molecules in the microwave field also oscillate at high speed.

If the food rich in water is in the microwave field of 2450MHz, the oscillation frequency of water molecules with great polarity will reach 0.408 million times per second. The rapid movement of molecules will intensify the collision and friction between water molecules, generating a large amount of heat, so that food can be heated and baked.

The multigrain microwave baking machine uses the top microwave heating technology to efficiently produce high-quality grain, which is the leader’s main product. At present, we have a variety of microwave grain roasting machines for sale, and customers can choose according to their actual needs.

  Specification and parameters of microwave whole grain baking machine:

The daily capacity6T8T-10T15-20T
Picture presentationMicrowave whole grains roasting machineMicrowave whole grains roasting machineMicrowave whole grains roasting machine
Total power24KW/h30KW/h54KW/h
Covered area30 * 10 *8m30 * 10 *8m40 * 10 *8m
Cooling methodWater cooling
Operating methodscompletely continuous
Energy supplyelectricity

Cost estimates for microwave grain roasters will help you find the right machine faster. At the same time, you also need a suitable supplier. In general, the real top microwave grain roaster manufacturers will provide the best quality equipment and perfect after-sales service. Such as Leader Microwave Equipment Company. Our microwave grain roasting machine has been sold to South Africa, Egypt, Jordan, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, UK, etc. If you want to know more details about the product’s cost, please leave us a message.

Microwave whole grains roasting machine

Our Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s advantages:

  • 1. Our products are superior in quality and low in price.
  • 2. Professional operating techniques ensure that we can handle all errors in the production process.
  • 3. Since we have a rich export experience, the Leader provides professional after-sales service.
  • 4. Customers can get considerable profits from high-quality end products.
  • 5. Customers have more choices when choosing our products.

In addition to microwave whole grain baking machines, we have millet microwave baking and curing equipment to process various materials efficiently. Such as pumpkin seed baking equipment, millet microwave baking equipment, and so on. If you want to know more about our products, please send a message to us immediately.