Millet Microwave Baking and Curing Equipment

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When we need to bake millet, we should buy high-quality millet baking equipment. As a new type of environmental equipment, the Microwave ripening equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company is more prevalent in the international market.

Completely continuous millet baking and curing equipment can bake a lot of millet daily, with very high work efficiency. The equipment can also be used for baking rice, green beans, red beans, and other grains.

To a large extent, continuous millet microwave baking and curing equipment can save us a lot of operating costs. This is because it occupies a small area, easy to operate, a few operators, etc.

Millet microwave baking and curing equipment

Main features of Microwave oven ripening equipment of Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

1.Energy-saving: microwave has the characteristics of heating up both inside and outside the material, saving heat transfer time and avoiding heat loss caused by long time heating. It can use at any time and save a lot of energy consumption when the machine is preheated. Without heating the air and the body, production costs can be greatly reduced.

2.Environmental emissions: another major advantage of microwave baking millet machinery is zero emissions and zero pollution. Investors need not worry about the damage to the environment around the factory. Such factories will no doubt get a lot of government support.

3.Good quality: microwave penetration can achieve uniform baking, internal and external ripening degree consistent, good quality millet. At the same time, microwave low-temperature baking can maintain the nutritional content to the maximum degree, cooked millet is more delicious.

4.High production efficiency: microwave heating and curing millet inside and outside at the same time can shorten the baking time. The automatic production line can save manpower, avoid human error, and greatly improve production efficiency.

Large-scale production will increase the income of investors.

5.Cost-saving: automatic production line saves labor costs; man-machine separation can improve the working environment. Compact and compact machine construction save a large area of space. The scientific and rational design has created a long life of the machine, saving a lot of equipment maintenance costs.

The characteristics of microwave sterilization make millet microwave baking and curing machinery can baking and sterilization simultaneously, efficient energy-saving, manufacturers can save equipment investment and time cost of the sterilization process.

What is microwave baking technology?

Microwave baking mainly uses the thermal effect of the microwave. The microwave itself does not generate heat, it is a kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave. The direction of the alternating electric field formed by microwave changes at high speed, which makes the polar molecules in the microwave field also oscillate at high speed.

If the food rich in water is in the microwave field of 2450MHz, the oscillation frequency of water molecules with great polarity will reach 0.408 million times per second. The rapid movement of molecules will intensify the collision and friction between water molecules, generating a large amount of heat, so that food can be heated and baked.

As microwave is an electromagnetic wave, it will reflect, refract, absorb and penetrate in the actual propagation process, so the microwave effect on baked food in a microwave oven is the superposition of microwaves from all directions.

Millet microwave baking and curing equipment

With the increase of millet demand, the market demand for millet microwave baking and curing equipment is very great. To meet the needs of different customers, we have a variety of models for customers. Each machine is equipped with mature safety devices to ensure safety, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

12kw Microwave baking equipment
12kw Microwave baking equipment
30kw Microwave baking equipment
30kw Microwave baking equipment
50kw Microwave baking equipment
50kw Microwave baking equipment
Customized microwave baking equipment
Customized microwave baking equipment

Technical parameters of the above models:

Microwave frequency2450/915MHz2450/915MHz2450/915MHz
Output power12 KW30 KW50 KW
Transmission speed(adjustable)0-5m/Minute0-5m/Minute0-5m/Minute
Leakage value≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter≤3mw/cubic meter
Baking capacity120-150kg/h300-400kg/h500-600kg/h

Combining with years of experience, Leader Microwave Equipment Company produces the latest continuous millet baking equipment. So far, these products have been exported to more than 20 countries: Britain, Turkey, Poland, Nigeria, Ukraine, Romania, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, Hungary, Dominica, Australia, and others. If you want to make money by investing in a fully continuous millet roaster, please feel free to contact us.

We will give you a detailed cost estimate and reasonable price as soon as possible.

Millet microwave baking and curing equipment

Reasonable price of millet microwave baking and curing equipment:

When you buy something, price is an essential factor to consider. Our factory can help you produce high-quality millet. Selling high-quality millet can bring you a lot of profits quickly.

In short, millet microwave baking and curing equipment can bring you benefits.

Besides, our equipment has a longer service life, so you don’t need to change another machine in a short time. To some extent, you can save a lot of money on running the factory.

Where can I find high-quality millet microwave baking equipment and Microwave whole grains roasting machine? The Leader is your best choice. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of Microwave Equipment Machinery, we are leading the market in providing competitive prices and first-class service. Welcome to visit our factory anytime!