Spiced Peanut Microwave Baking Equipment

Peanut is one of the four major oil crops in the world.China is the world’s largest peanut producer,with its total output,single output and export ranking first. Low raw material quality, aflatoxin contamination and other potential safety hazards are the main problems in peanut processing industry,which have also restricted the development of peanut export in China,and environmentally friendly and healthy food is the trend of food development in the future.

Spiced Peanut Microwave Baking Equipment

Microwave technology has the characteristics of fast heating,high efficiency,health and environmental protection. Microwave food processing technology has been listed as one of the key development technologies of food industry in China.

As we all know, peanuts are high in fat and oil,Microwave technology is a kind of green food processing technology.It is important to process peanut into green food by microwave.

Advantages of microwave food baking equipment for spiced peanuts produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company

1.Spiced peanut microwave baking equipment can maintain the natural color of peanut kernels and make them plump and beautiful.Peanut kernel has golden color, high puffing degree, it is crispy and delicious,the granules are puffed and plump.

2.Spiced peanut microwave food roasters allow microwave energy to penetrate peanuts, where polar molecules rub against each other to generate internal heat,internal and external heating at the same time, heat evenly.Traditional baking techniques may result in uneven heating of peanuts, affecting their taste.

3.Spiced peanut microwave baking machine has the characteristics of low-temperature baking, which can shorten the baking time and control the temperature well.The general working temperature of microwave spiced peanut baking equipment is about 80℃, and the processing time is 3-5 minutes, which can maximize the maintenance of peanut nutrients.

However, the traditional baking process is easy to cause high temperature, making peanut kernels darker in color and easier to burn, affecting the eating experience, destroying the nutrients in peanuts and reducing their nutritional value.

4.Microwave spiced peanut baking equipment is accompanied by bactericidal effect while baking.Microwave sterilization is in the thermal effect of microwave and non-thermal effect of the dual role,compared with the conventional temperature sterilization can be in a lower temperature and a very short time to obtain satisfactory sterilization.At the same time, the microwave baking equipment of spiced peanut inhibits the subsequent generation of mold and effectively prolongs the preservation time.

5.Spiced peanut microwave baking equipment is widely used.Spiced-peanut microwave baking machine is widely used in sesame, wheat, melon seeds, peanuts, corn, soybeans, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, pistachios, cashews and other dried fruits baking, one machine is multi-purpose, saving the cost of equipment purchase, site and labor costs.

6.Spiced peanut microwave baking equipment has high energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed.The conversion rate from electricity to microwave energy is very high, saving energy.Heat inside and outside at the same time to save baking time and improve baking efficiency.

Spiced Peanut Microwave Baking Equipment

Principles of microwave baking equipment for spiced peanuts:

Microwave baking equipment of spiced peanut mainly utilizes the thermal effect of microwave.Microwave is a kind of high frequency electromagnetic wave, and the direction of the alternating electric field formed by it changes at high speed, which makes the polar molecules in the microwave field also oscillate at high speed.

Food rich in water is in the microwave field. Water molecules with great polarity oscillate at a high speed, which intensifies the collision and friction between water molecules and generates a large amount of heat.Therefore, the microwave baking equipment of spiced peanuts can achieve high efficiency of high-quality spiced peanuts.Similar to spiced peanut microwave baking equipment, microwave perilla baking equipment can produce high quality perilla.

Microwave baking technology has been developed with the application of microwave in food processing.Microwave peanut baking equipment can overcome many shortcomings of traditional baking process, change the process of heat transfer from outside to inside, and has the advantages of uniform heating, high utilization rate of heat energy, fast expansion speed and high product quality.

Our country is the first big country in peanut kernel production, which is rich in raw material resources.Microwave extruding process equipment is simple and easy to operate, which is easy to be realized in factories,it has the promotion value.