Sweet Potato Microwave Baking Equipment

Snacks have the characteristics of snacks, high in the temple, in the far corners of the country, the experience is different, in the cold winter, a hot sweet potato, bring us is warm, is happiness, the sweet potato taste all over the street, is a winter scenery. Baked sweet potato has a long history, it has existed since ancient times. Snack street often see people, holding baked sweet potato to eat along with the walk, eat along with the appreciation of the beauty of its taste. Some foreign tourists, after eating, also highly appreciated.

baked sweet potato

Golden, glistening yellow, delicious sweet potato with oil flow with what equipment baked out more delicious? Leader Microwave Equipment Company, responding to the needs of sweet potato processing equipment, has developed an automatic temperature control, high production efficiency, energy saving and safe sweet potato microwave baking equipment. Since it was put into the market, the equipment has been deeply loved and welcomed by customers. It brings the baked sweet potato with thick childhood memories into people’s vision.

Advantages of sweet potato microwave baking equipment

  1. The microwave roaster of sweet potatocan roast raw sweet potato without burning the skin.
  2. Microwave baking equipmentheating fast, uniform temperature, water retention, temperature retention, at the same time can be timed, fixed speed.
  3. The sweet potato baked by this microwave baking machineis delicious in color, fragrance, exotic odors assail the nostrils and sweet soft, very attractive.
  4. Easy to control, easy to achieve automatic production, simple operation, easy to control, no thermal inertia, theirsweet potato microwave baking machine according to the different food process specifications for processing, reduce production operators, reduce production costs.
  5. Microwave has penetrability, the surface and internal function at the same time, sweet potato microwave baking deviceworking process can ensure that the internal and external temperature reached the required value, so the sweet potato baked out sweet and delicious.
  6. Thissweet potato microwave baking equipment has a short processing time and can achieve satisfactory results in a few minutes under a certain power density intensity.

Sweet potato microwave baking equipment

This sweet potato microwave baking equipment looks beautiful, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, long service life, simple operation, excellent performance, is the best choice for baking sweet potato.

Working principle of sweet potato microwave baking equipment

Microwave medium is composed of polar molecules and non-polar molecules. Under the action of electromagnetic field, these polar molecules change from the original random distribution state to the polarity orientation of the electric field. Under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, these orientations change according to the alternating electromagnetic frequencies, which causes the molecules to move and rub against each other to generate heat. At this point, the field energy of the alternating electric field is transformed into the heat energy in the medium, which makes the medium temperature continuously rise. Therefore, microwave heating is the heat generated by the loss of electric field energy of the dielectric material itself.

schematic diagram

Leader Microwave Equipment Company produces a variety of microwave equipment, such as shrimp microwave thawing equipment, traditional Chinese medicine microwave extraction equipment, paper microwave drying equipment and described sweet potato microwave baking equipment, each has a variety of models to choose from, also can according to the product and the output for manufacturers to manufacture the appropriate equipment, and combined with user products to provide one-stop technical services.

Technical parameters of microwave baking equipment for sweet potato


Product model




Input power





Microwave output power




Transmission band width





microwave frequency




Transmission speed





Rated input apparent power




Dimensions(L×W×H)About 12800×1310×1668mm

Height of inlet and outlet




Working environment

0~40℃、Relative humidity≤80%


Hot sweet potato, delicious food, warm, filled with the taste of happiness, bring us the enjoyment of taste. Sweet potato microwave baking equipment is also worth having, it beckons to you, what are you hesitating about? Choose it, bring you a different experience!