Walnut Meat Baking Case in Baoding City Hebei Province

Walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts and hazelnuts are the four most famous dried nuts in the world.Walnut meat is rich in nutrients, every hundred grams of protein 15 to 20 grams, more fat, carbohydrates 10 grams, and contains the human body necessary calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and minerals, and carotene, riboflavin and other vitamins, beneficial to the human body.It is one of the nut foods loved by people.Immediately into the walnut harvest season, many people want to buy a large number of walnut and walnut products, also derived a lot of walnut products and processing enterprises.

The main producing areas of walnut in China mainly include: hebei, shanxi, shaanxi, yunnan, xinjiang, each region has its own unique walnut varieties, as well as high-quality products.

Recently, hebei baoding walnut deep processing customers to seize business opportunities, intend to expand the production scale, in urgent need of a walnut baking, sterilization, insecticidal microwave equipment.The heat energy of walnut after microwave baking can reduce the bitterness of walnut itself, good taste, strong fragrance,and is good for processing and preservation. Customers through online inquiries, a line of two people with walnut samples to our company for investigation. The customer requires the output of more than 200kg an hour, with a budget of about 150,000 yuan,with high efficiency and energy  saving.

walnut baking, sterilization, insecticidal microwave equipment

According to the customer’s usage, a 20KW tunneling microwave prototype was recommended for the customer to conduct experiments.Take 6 kg sample and put it into the feed port with vibration device. The discharge is slow and even. The microwave temperature is controlled at 145℃.The microwaved walnuts are golden in color and fragrant, and the customers are satisfied with the walnut crispy and delicious taste.

walnut baking, sterilization, insecticidal microwave equipment

The equipment hopper is about 1.4 meters high, which is not very convenient for continuous production. The customer proposes to solve the problem of manual feeding at the feeding port, so as to reduce labor force and improve efficiency.After understanding the customer’s demands, we decided to install a 0.75kw hoist at the feed port of customized equipment for the customer to solve the problem of manual feeding. The customer was quite satisfied with the plan.

The customer finally ordered a 16KW air-cooled microwave equipment, using PLC human-computer interaction system, simple operation, convenient.Automatic and accurate temperature control, energy saving, reduce labor force to some extent.Intracavitary video is visible.Body 304 stainless steel, safer, digital frequency conversion power supply, more energy saving.

At present, the customer has paid 50% of the advance payment, the workshop has arranged production, and the goods can be delivered within ten days, with a one-year warranty, and the service life of key parts is more than three years.